Banana Pancake Roll

Banana Pancake Roll

by Mitin Waiting

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I have always liked pancakes very much. In fact, I only eat pancakes. I don’t think I’m tired of eating them, let alone add a little whipped cream and wrap them in my favorite fruit~ This time I made banana pancake rolls. For bananas, put a little less cream, can reduce a little bit of guilt in my heart, haha, meditate in my heart, do not eat fat, eat not fat, eat not fat~


Banana Pancake Roll

1. Beat the eggs, add fine sugar, and mix well.

Banana Pancake Roll recipe

2. Add milk and mix well.

Banana Pancake Roll recipe

3. Sift in low-gluten flour and mix well.

Banana Pancake Roll recipe

4. Add the melted butter and mix well.

Banana Pancake Roll recipe

5. Sieve the batter, crush the small bumps in the batter, and put the sieved batter in the refrigerator for about half an hour.

Banana Pancake Roll recipe

6. Add a teaspoon of batter to the frying pan and heat it on low heat until the batter is slightly bubbling.

Banana Pancake Roll recipe

7. Let the finished dough cool in the pan.

Banana Pancake Roll recipe

8. Whip the whipped cream with sugar and spread it on the side of the dough next to the bottom of the pan.

Banana Pancake Roll recipe

9. Put bananas on, roll up the dough and cut neatly.

Banana Pancake Roll recipe


1. It doesn't matter if there are small bumps in the batter, it will be fine after sieving.
2. Heat it on a low heat, and wipe it with a cold towel after each burn.


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