Vegan Banana Cakes

Vegan Banana Cakes

by Aunt Xizhen

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This banana cake does not contain butter and milk, so it can be said to be a vegetarian cake. Partial things have always been unpleasant in my eyes, but the taste of this little cake surprises me. The interior is a bit moist. Although there is no butter and milk to enhance the flavor, it is mixed with the aroma of coffee and banana. If you don't know the ingredients used, you will think it is the kind of heavy-oil banana cake.


Vegan Banana Cakes

1. Use one end of a rolling pin to crush the banana

Vegan Banana Cakes recipe

2. Take 20 grams of hot water, take 10 grams of coffee powder and soy milk powder, and then mix the two liquids for later use. If you have fresh soy milk, use 15 g soy milk instead of 10 g hot water and 3 g soy milk in the recipe

Vegan Banana Cakes recipe

3. Beat the eggs into a basin, add sugar and beat them with an electric whisk at low speed, then take a large basin, pour in hot water of about 80 degrees, and then put the egg liquid in the basin with the hot water, use the whisk Send at high speed, until the foam is fine and the lines are clear

Vegan Banana Cakes recipe

4. Take it out when the body temperature is about the same and continue to blow it into a fine foam at high speed, with clear lines

Vegan Banana Cakes recipe

5. Add the salad oil and soy milk coffee liquid separately, then beat with a whisk at low speed

Vegan Banana Cakes recipe

6. This is the finished look, it's slightly bubbling

Vegan Banana Cakes recipe

7. Add the mashed banana and stir with a spatula. When stirring, stir from the bottom. Sift low-gluten flour, whole wheat flour and almond flour into step 6, continue to stir and mix well with a spatula, then add the coconut paste and mix well.

Vegan Banana Cakes recipe

8. This is how the cake batter is mixed

Vegan Banana Cakes recipe

9. Coat the cake tin with a thin layer of oil to prevent sticking, then add almond slices to decorate

Vegan Banana Cakes recipe

10. Use a spoon to scoop the cake batter into each cake bowl until it is eight or nine minutes full, and then cut some banana slices on the surface for decoration. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees, the middle layer, bake for about 20 minutes, everyone uses a toothpick to poke into the middle of the cake, if there is no moist batter sticking to the toothpick, then the cake is ready

Vegan Banana Cakes recipe

11. Almond aroma at the bottom

Vegan Banana Cakes recipe


Vegan Banana Cakes recipe


1. If you don't have camellia oil, you can use salad oil;
2. Walnut kernels are also added to the original formula, you can also try it;
3. Soymilk is made with soymilk powder, it is better to use fresh soymilk;
4. All cakes with mashed bananas are slightly moist inside. The next day you eat it will be more dry than when it is just baked. You can choose according to your own taste;
5. Insulating water to beat the egg liquid is to make the egg liquid beating better and the foam more delicate.


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