Banana Sesame Gnocchi

Banana Sesame Gnocchi

by Pistachio 365Q

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I accidentally cooked rice porridge with bananas once by my family. From then on, I started thinking about how to eat bananas. I tried to make various foods with bananas. I tried this glutinous rice dumpling once, and I felt it suits my taste. If you are greedy, cook a bowl and slowly enjoy the aroma left by the banana and sesame dumplings.


Banana Sesame Gnocchi

1. Ingredients are ready

Banana Sesame Gnocchi recipe

2. Soak the fungus and lily in advance, soak the wolfberry when you are about to use it, and then peel the banana and cut into sections with a thickness of about one centimeter when you are about to use it. Do not cut too thin.

Banana Sesame Gnocchi recipe

3. Put water in the pot, bring the lily fungus and red dates to a boil, cook and remove for later use

Banana Sesame Gnocchi recipe

4. Add glutinous rice balls and boil

Banana Sesame Gnocchi recipe

5. After boiling, add half a bowl of cold water to continue cooking

Banana Sesame Gnocchi recipe

6. After boiling again, pour in the bananas and turn off the heat after boiling, don’t cook for too long

Banana Sesame Gnocchi recipe

7. Pour the cooked glutinous rice balls and bananas with water into a bowl with water, add the cooked red dates, fungus, lily, and sugar, mix thoroughly, and throw in a few medlars for decoration

Banana Sesame Gnocchi recipe

8. Appreciation of finished products

Banana Sesame Gnocchi recipe

9. You can also put the plate like this

Banana Sesame Gnocchi recipe


If you don’t like sugar, don’t put sugar in the soup


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