Sweet Potato Gnocchi Soup

Sweet Potato Gnocchi Soup

by Danxia 4462

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The nutrients of glutinous rice balls are rich fillings. Nowadays, there are many kinds of glutinous rice balls fillings on the market, which meet different tastes and nutritional needs. For example, the most common black sesame seeds, black sesame seeds have the effects of preventing heart disease, etc., and are good food supplements. The nutrient content of glutinous rice balls is also different due to the addition of different fillings in the production, but most of them use glutinous rice flour as the skin, which is not suitable for digestion and should not be eaten more.

Sweet Potato Gnocchi Soup

1. Peel and cut sweet potatoes, ready for dumplings

Sweet Potato Gnocchi Soup recipe

2. Prepared rock candy

Sweet Potato Gnocchi Soup recipe

3. Put the sweet potato in the pot

Sweet Potato Gnocchi Soup recipe

4. Put an appropriate amount of boiling water and boil for 10 minutes

Sweet Potato Gnocchi Soup recipe

5. Put the rock sugar in and simmer together

Sweet Potato Gnocchi Soup recipe

6. Then put in a large glutinous rice ball and cook

Sweet Potato Gnocchi Soup recipe

7. Finally put in the small glutinous rice balls

Sweet Potato Gnocchi Soup recipe

8. Cook until it floats

Sweet Potato Gnocchi Soup recipe


Choose a larger sweet potato. Cook the sweet potato and rock sugar together. This way, the cooked sweet potato will be sweeter, and the larger glutinous rice balls will be harder to cook. You must cook them first.


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