Milk Glutinous Rice Balls

Milk Glutinous Rice Balls

by Charm Xiaozhu (From Sina Weibo.)

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Milk is one of the oldest natural beverages. As the name suggests, it is the calcium that the human body can replenish the most. On this cold morning, a bowl of sweet and moist milk glutinous rice balls gave me a different feeling. It was very comfortable. .


Milk Glutinous Rice Balls

1. Prepare 9 wrapped sesame dumplings.

Milk Glutinous Rice Balls recipe

2. Boil water on high heat, boil the water, put the wrapped gnocchi into the pot, and the gnocchi will rise and expand.

Milk Glutinous Rice Balls recipe

3. Get ready to boil hot milk.

Milk Glutinous Rice Balls recipe

4. Take a bowl, add sweet-scented osmanthus honey and then milk, add the cooked sesame glutinous rice balls.

Milk Glutinous Rice Balls recipe

5. Decorate the top with sweet-scented osmanthus honey and it's OK.

Milk Glutinous Rice Balls recipe

6. A bowl of sweet milk glutinous rice balls can be enjoyed.

Milk Glutinous Rice Balls recipe


When cooking glutinous rice balls, be sure to wait for the gnocchi to rise and expand. Soy milk and coconut milk can also be used.


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