Spinach Dumpling Buns

Spinach Dumpling Buns

by The kitchen of emblica honey

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This bun is made with spinach juice, spinach nutritious vegetables, spinach juice and noodles. The finished product is bright in color and nutritious dough. The filling does not need to be made or mixed. Instead, it uses black sesame glutinous rice balls as the filling and a piece of dough. Make a glutinous rice ball, knead it, steam it in the pot, the filling is sweet with black sesame sugar, and soft with glutinous rice. The outer layer is bright and nutritious. The children like it so much. If you like it, just make it.
400 grams of all-purpose flour, 210 grams of spinach juice, 3 grams of yeast, 5 grams of sugar, 1 gram of salt; 130 grams of sesame glutinous rice balls.


Spinach Dumpling Buns

1. Prepare the spinach juice, blanch the spinach juice, and add the water to the wall breaker and stir into the spinach juice. Take 210 grams for later use.

Spinach Dumpling Buns recipe

2. Put the flour in the kneading bucket, add spinach juice, 3 grams of yeast, 5 grams of sugar, and 1 gram of salt. Stir it into a dough, round it up, and ferment to twice its size in a warm place.

Spinach Dumpling Buns recipe

3. The inside of the fermented dough is honeycomb-shaped, and it needs to be kneaded and exhausted to divide into dough. When the dough is exhausted, it should be smooth, so that the finished steamed bun will not slippery.

Spinach Dumpling Buns recipe

4. Take a noodle and squash it, put a glutinous rice ball on it, and close the mouth.

Spinach Dumpling Buns recipe

5. All finished buns can be proofed for 15 minutes, and the proofed buns can be steamed in a pot, and the finished product will be softer.

Spinach Dumpling Buns recipe

6. On the electric steamer, it can be steamed for 15 minutes before serving. The electric steamer emits steam in three seconds, and the steam cycle is 360 degrees. The steamed buns are beautiful, and no steam drips back to the outer layer of the buns.

Spinach Dumpling Buns recipe


1. The water content of the bun dough is generally 50%; 2. The yeast can be determined according to the temperature and season. The editor uses a fermentation tank to ferment, and put a little less, and the room temperature can be 4 grams; 3. The fermented dough should be kneaded until smooth, so The finished product is beautiful; 4. Don’t steam the finished buns directly in the pot, and steam them after you wake up. The taste will be soft.


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