Barley and Lily Soup

Barley and Lily Soup

by Lin Youyou U

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I have made the mung bean version before because I have cold hands and feet. I have diarrhea for several days after drinking. This time I switched to Chixiaodou and felt better. Barley and Chixiaodou are more difficult to simmer, so I cooked it first, and cooked it for the first time. The water that comes out can be filtered out and used as boiled water. It is good for coughing and tastes good, and no seasoning is added.


Barley and Lily Soup

1. Soak the dried lily in advance, if you use fresh, you can just wash it off

Barley and Lily Soup recipe

2. Wash barley and red adzuki beans and put them in a pot

Barley and Lily Soup recipe

3. The fire is boiling

Barley and Lily Soup recipe

4. Use a strainer to filter out the soup that was boiled for the first time. You can drink it directly. If you don’t need it, you can also use it to stew.

Barley and Lily Soup recipe

5. Put all the ingredients in the pot, add appropriate amount of water and rock sugar and press the porridge button to start stewing

Barley and Lily Soup recipe


It is best to cook barley and red beans first so that they can add more flavor when stewed

Do not add more water than the maximum water level for porridge or it will overflow the pot

It's better to be boring for a while


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