Three Bean Soup

Three Bean Soup

by Mom Nini

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The three-bean soup is made up of food and is very safe. It is not only sugar water, but also a medicinal tea with super delicious taste. There are mung beans, red beans and black beans. The "three beans" have their own strengths and are harmoniously matched. Black beans have the effect of nourishing kidney, nourishing essence and clearing away heat; mung beans have the effect of clearing heat, detoxification and relieving heat; red beans have the effect of clearing heat, diuresis and reducing swelling.


Three Bean Soup

1. Three kinds of beans are mixed and washed

Three Bean Soup recipe

2. Add warm water and soak for 1 hour

Three Bean Soup recipe

3. Add cold water to the pressure cooker and pour the beans

Three Bean Soup recipe

4. Cap and valve fire SAIC, turn to medium and low fire for 10 minutes, turn off the fire and naturally discourage

Three Bean Soup recipe

5. You can add honey, rock sugar, etc. to eat beans and drink soup

Three Bean Soup recipe


Soaking in advance can reduce production time.


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