Four Red Beauty Soup

Four Red Beauty Soup

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Girls’ welfare is here. This four red beauty soup is made for women. Especially female pot friends have a special few days every month, so they need to replenish their blood. This soup can also be drunk usually. If you want to be beautiful, you must start with blood enrichment, good blood and good complexion!


Four Red Beauty Soup

1. Prepare all ingredients.

Four Red Beauty Soup recipe

2. Except for brown sugar, other ingredients are rinsed and soaked for more than 4 hours.

Four Red Beauty Soup recipe

3. Pour all the soaked ingredients into the pot. (Together with the soaking water)

Four Red Beauty Soup recipe

4. If the water is not enough, add an appropriate amount of water and boil until the chixiaodou blooms slightly.

Four Red Beauty Soup recipe

5. Pour the brown sugar into the pot and boil until the brown sugar melts, about 5 minutes.

Four Red Beauty Soup recipe

6. Boil this soup until the brown sugar melts.

Four Red Beauty Soup recipe

7. Finished picture. This soup is delicious.

Four Red Beauty Soup recipe


1. Don't waste the water used to soak the ingredients and cook them together with the ingredients. 2. If you don't have red beans, you can use red beans instead.


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