Barley Pork Ribs Soup

Barley Pork Ribs Soup

by Norwegian Red Food

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The winter solstice is the new year. From now on, learn a few home-cooked dishes, and you won’t be in a hurry during the New Year.


Barley Pork Ribs Soup

1. Prepare barley and chicken head rice

Barley Pork Ribs Soup recipe

2. Clean the ribs and soak in water for half an hour.

Barley Pork Ribs Soup recipe

3. Then put it in a pot of cold water and boil for 2 minutes to boil a lot of blood stains, drain the dirty water, wash the ribs, replace with clean water, and add barley, chicken head rice and ginger after boiling.

Barley Pork Ribs Soup recipe

4. Tighten the lid and select the ribs button to pressurize. After decompression, you will get a rich and delicious barley and ribs soup.

Barley Pork Ribs Soup recipe


Do not add salt when cooking the original pork rib soup.


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