Beef and Vegetable Biscuit

Beef and Vegetable Biscuit

by Charming sky

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On weekends, time is precious, and you can eat it even if you wake up late! This seasonal vegetable beef pie is simple, nutritious and delicious!


Beef and Vegetable Biscuit

1. Beef chopped, tofu crushed, green onion chopped, corn peas peeled

Beef and Vegetable Biscuit recipe

2. All ingredients 1 Pour into the container and add flour

Beef and Vegetable Biscuit recipe

3. Add a little water to make a paste, add salt to taste

Beef and Vegetable Biscuit recipe

4. Heat a non-stick pan with oil on a low heat, use a spoon to scoop the prepared paste 3 into a pan, lightly press it into a round shape, and fry slowly on low heat until golden on both sides.

Beef and Vegetable Biscuit recipe

5. Pan photos

Beef and Vegetable Biscuit recipe


Don't add too much flour or the cake will become hard; pay attention to fluidity when making the cake batter!


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