Beef Beef Rice

Beef Beef Rice

by Fresh Love

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I remember when I was young,
Apart from cartoons, my favorite shows
It’s a cooking show that airs every evening at dinner.
What a kitchen every day,
Bei Tai's kitchen...
That was the early "feast drama"!
Looking at the various dishes in the show,
Even with a bowl of rice,
You can also eat half a bowl more.

after that,
Weibo began to rise,
I started to pay attention to the food graphics of a big food blogger,
While looking at the picture,
While streaming the halazi.

There is a dish in it,
It’s a dish that every major blogger loves to write recipes.
A dish of rice that everyone claims to fall.

This dish is the beef rice of a wild family.

The small town I lived in at that time,
There is no such a foreign chain restaurant in a wild family,
But I only rely on imagination,
Started to think about making this dish by myself.
I remember the first time I did it,
I think such dishes are really simple and delicious.
Since then, silently write down in my heart,
If you see this store in the future,
Be sure to go in and try his signature Beef Beef Rice.

Thinking, I can make a good-tasting copy based on my imagination of the recipe,
The original deity,
Isn't it going to be delicious enough to break through the sky?

after that,
I finally came to a certain wild house,
Ordered this signature meal with a pilgrimage mood.

after that,
I went to the supermarket to buy a pack of fat beef slices,
Go home with an onion...
I still go home,
Make it yourself and eat it...

Think I'm bragging,
There is a way to do it once with my left and right hands!


Beef Beef Rice

1. Pick broccoli into small flowers, and cut carrots into flower shapes,
Cut the onion into shreds.
(Well, I know this flower is not so beautiful today Q_Q...)

Beef Beef Rice recipe

2. Boil water, put a spoonful of salt in the water,
Add broccoli and carrots after the water is boiled,
Blanch for 2 minutes

Beef Beef Rice recipe

3. Put a teaspoon of oyster sauce in a small bowl,
A tablespoon of soy sauce is raw.

Beef Beef Rice recipe

4. Squeeze out twice

Beef Beef Rice recipe

5. A small spoonful of white sugar,
Add half a bowl of water and stir well for later use.

Beef Beef Rice recipe

6. Raise the frying pan,
Stir fragrant shredded onion over low heat.

Beef Beef Rice recipe

7. Add the mixed sauce and bring to a boil

Beef Beef Rice recipe

8. Add beef rolls, um,
Plus, it can be added to the full amount!

Beef Beef Rice recipe

9. Cook until the beef slices change color

Beef Beef Rice recipe

10. Put the cooked beef slices on the cooked rice,
Then slice the broccoli, carrots and seaweed on the side,
Top with the cooked sauce.
According to personal taste,
Boil a hot spring egg or something on it,
Half-boiled egg bibimbap or something, don't be too ecstasy!
Don't say anything,
Let's make this bowl of fat beef rice together!

Beef Beef Rice recipe


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