Secret Beef Beef Rice

Secret Beef Beef Rice

by Plums for gourmet

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Today I will share a secret fat beef rice. The beef is fresh and delicious. The rice is mixed with soup and it is super fragrant.


Secret Beef Beef Rice

1. Blanch the broccoli and carrots first. If you don’t like broccoli and carrots, you can put them as you like.

Secret Beef Beef Rice recipe

2. Don’t pour out the water for blanching vegetables, blanch the fat beef, and blanch it for about a minute to remove it.

Secret Beef Beef Rice recipe

3. Pour cooking wine, light soy sauce, oyster sauce, salt, sugar, black pepper sauce into the bowl, add a little water, add a little dry starch, and stir well for later use

Secret Beef Beef Rice recipe

4. Fry a poached egg, fry it and serve it for later use

Secret Beef Beef Rice recipe

5. Pour the onion into the pot, stir fry to get the fragrance, then pour into the blanched fat beef, stir fry evenly, and then add the adjusted sauce. The time for frying the fat beef should not be too long. It can be turned off in about a minute. Fire

Secret Beef Beef Rice recipe

6. Put poached eggs and blanched vegetables on top of the hot rice, and then put the fried fat beef into it. It is best to pour the sauce of the fried beef. It is recommended to put in a beautiful shape when putting in the ingredients, so that it will look good.

Secret Beef Beef Rice recipe


The fat beef is blanched, so it should be faster when frying, so as not to affect the fresh and tender taste of the fat beef


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