Beef Bone Soup

Beef Bone Soup

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Beef bone soup, you can eat beef, but also can drink soup, calcium supplement!


Beef Bone Soup

1. Put the cleaned beef bones into the pressure cooker. After boiling, the blood will be beaten clean. Beat it a few more times!

Beef Bone Soup recipe

2. Prepare 4 pieces of dried ginger, 3 cloves of garlic, 7 dried chilies, and put pepper in a small box. You can put more if you like spicy.

Beef Bone Soup recipe

3. Put the peppercorns in a box specially cooked for meat, so that the soup is easy to drink without peppercorns.

Beef Bone Soup recipe

4. When ready, put it into the pressure cooker and add the right amount of salt.

Beef Bone Soup recipe

5. Cover the pressure cooker and start counting for 30 minutes after the pressure comes up.

Beef Bone Soup recipe

6. After opening, the meat can be eaten directly.

Beef Bone Soup recipe

7. Prepare chopped garlic, chopped coriander, and chopped green onions in a bowl, put them according to personal preference, and put them in the bone broth. If the soup feels heavy in salt, you can add some boiled water!

Beef Bone Soup recipe


1. The pepper box, it is convenient to put the peppercorn in it, and there is no small peppercorns in the soup.
2. Use the pressure cooker to put the salt before the lid! The salt can be tasted, and a little more should be one-third more than usual, otherwise there will be no salt in the meat.
3. After half an hour is up, the pressure in the pressure cooker must be exhausted. Turn on the pressure cooker, otherwise it is dangerous, so be careful.
4. When there is too much salt in the soup, you can put in the right amount of boiled water!


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