Beef Bone Soup

Beef Bone Soup

by Snoopy's big leather shoes

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It's cold, it's good to boil some beef bone soup and drink to warm your body.


Beef Bone Soup

1. I asked the store to chop the big bones in four sections. My pot is small, so I can only cook this piece. If there is a big pot to cook the whole bone, the soup will be more fragrant.

Beef Bone Soup recipe

2. Blanch the water, simply blanch it and get out of the pot

Beef Bone Soup recipe

3. Put the water in the soup, change the heat to low when the water is boiled, the longer the cooking time, the more fragrant the soup will be. I was too hungry and only simmered for about an hour.

Beef Bone Soup recipe

4. Minced shallot and coriander

Beef Bone Soup recipe

5. Put coriander, chopped green onion, salt and monosodium glutamate in a small pot, pour the soup directly, if you like chili, add some chili oil

Beef Bone Soup recipe


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