Beef Cover Cake

Beef Cover Cake

by Squirrelfish 77

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Beef pie is a delicacy that northerners can't live without in winter. When they come back from the outside in the winter, the whole body warms up immediately after coming back from the outside in the winter.
Although it is a northerner’s delicacy, there are still many northerners who can’t do well. Many people say that the beef broth is boiled, why the beef pie in the bowl is not hot enough? In fact, there are tricks to making beef patties. I have learned a trick from a 30-year-old chef. This way, beef patties are delicious and warm, and one bowl is not enough to eat.


Beef Cover Cake

1. First cut the pancakes into small pieces. This is the leftover pancakes I ate yesterday.

Beef Cover Cake recipe

2. Prepare a section of green onions, clean them, and chop some green onions. If you like to eat, put more, and if you don’t like it, put less or keep on.

Beef Cover Cake recipe

3. Wash 2 cilantro and cut into small pieces. Some people don't like the smell of coriander, so ignore this step!

Beef Cover Cake recipe

4. A pot of beef soup stewed in advance is said to be beef soup, but it's not that there is no meat but soup. It is delicious if there is meat and soup. The beef broth is heated and kept boiling.

Beef Cover Cake recipe

5. Let’s look at the key steps. Put the sliced pancake pieces in a large bowl. Keep the beef broth boiled at all times. Spread half of the bowl of beef broth on the pancakes, and then pour it back into the pan. When the soup is boiled again, scoop half a bowl of soup into the bowl again, and do this three times to ensure that the beef patties are hot.

Beef Cover Cake recipe

6. In this way, the beef pie, the hot soup of the pie is even hotter, and the whole body is sweating immediately!

Beef Cover Cake recipe


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