Pancake Toon

Pancake Toon

by Ginkgo tree north

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There is an introduction of Yimeng pancakes in China on the tip of the tongue. Pancakes are commonly eaten by the people of Yimeng Mountain. It is characterized by fragrance and its biggest feature is that it is easy to put and can be stored for a relatively long time. With a variety of different dishes, it tastes good.
My relatives in my hometown gave pancakes when I went to Yimeng Mountain. These are real millet pancakes, which are very good. At the same time, my relatives gave me the toon pickled by myself. After I came back, I made toon pancake rolls and it was delicious.


Pancake Toon

1. The toon was brought back from my hometown, because it was pickled, so soak it for more time and dissolve the salt in the water

Pancake Toon recipe

2. Then cut into pieces and put them in a bowl, and then add two eggs

Pancake Toon recipe

3. Stir the eggs and toon thoroughly

Pancake Toon recipe

4. Put oil in the pot

Pancake Toon recipe

5. When the oil is hot, put the beaten eggs in and fry them into small pieces. Don’t make them too big. Stir more.

Pancake Toon recipe

6. Cut the pancakes into small pieces and place them on the plate, and then put the fried toon on the plate. It’s ready to be served, the pancake rolls on the hot dishes are soft and delicious

Pancake Toon recipe


When you eat this dish, you can serve it according to your own taste, and put it more heavily, otherwise it will be less.


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