Beef in Sour Soup

Beef in Sour Soup

by Shimizu Shark's Fin Kitchen

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In winter, if you say that you are sad, you are sad. If you say it is better or better, I actually prefer winter. The winter in the north is the most beautiful season with heating. It is ice and snow outside, and the house is warm inside. You can even spend the winter in autumn clothes. All kinds of meat can be put directly outside the window. There is already a lot of space in the freezer of my refrigerator, so I can work hard to cook, do and do.
Speaking of meals in winter, more of them are hot and hot. The steaming hot pot with rich ingredients is the guests on the winter table. There are also boiled meat and sauerkraut fish that are also hot and spicy. This is not only a kind. Tasty is even more enjoyable, and there is a very delicious sour soup beef that is a frequent visitor on my table. This dish is simple in preparation and simple in ingredients, but the taste is refreshing and strong. The refreshing thing is that it is sour and appetizing, strong. It’s accompanied by the floating golden oil flower that fills the mouth with the hot spicy, allowing you to suck this hot and sour soup bite after bite, so I prefer its soup when I eat beef in sour soup. Whether it is rice or steamed buns, it is super super. For office workers, making a beef in sour soup is simple and easy, unlike hot pot, which requires a variety of ingredients and sauces, which takes less than a quarter of an hour.
I also want to say that I like winter. I like the way the water vapor gathered on the window in winter stays. I know that it is cold outside and the house is warm. I enjoy it very much. I enjoy eating and drinking together with my family.


Beef in Sour Soup

1. Prepare beef rolls

Beef in Sour Soup recipe

2. Ginger, garlic, pickled peppers, green and red peppers, minced separately

Beef in Sour Soup recipe

3. Rinse the enoki mushrooms, cut the old roots, add water to a boil, add a little salt, blanch the enoki mushrooms, remove them, and put them in a large bowl

Beef in Sour Soup recipe

4. The water in the pot will continue to blanch the fat beef until it changes color and at the same time blanch the blood foam, remove and cover the blanched enoki mushrooms

Beef in Sour Soup recipe

5. Heat the wok and pour the oil, saute the peppercorns until fragrant, add ginger and garlic and fry until fragrant

Beef in Sour Soup recipe

6. Pour 2 tablespoons of yellow bell pepper sauce and stir-fry to get the oil out and add appropriate amount of water

Beef in Sour Soup recipe

7. Pour the pickled pepper water

Beef in Sour Soup recipe

8. Then pour in white vinegar, add a little salt, because the yellow lantern sauce and pickled pepper water are very salty, so you should use a moderate amount or no salt

Beef in Sour Soup recipe

9. Bring the soup in the pot to a boil, pour it into a bowl with enoki mushrooms and beef, and enjoy

Beef in Sour Soup recipe


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