Beef with Sauce

Beef with Sauce

by Xianger Kitchen

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The beef with sauce, the meat is firm and the sauce is fragrant. Although it is a traditional Chinese New Year dish, it still occupies a place on the New Year's table of Shanghai people. Personally, I think the sauced beef is a bit similar to braised pork, each has its own taste. We like the sauced beef with a hint of sweetness. In addition to the seasoning, you can add a little dried chili to relieve the greasiness and remove the fishy taste. The dishes are rich in sauce and rich in taste, which makes people mouth-watering and unstoppable.


Beef with Sauce

1. Wash beef tendon

Beef with Sauce recipe

2. Boil the pot in cold water and remove it and wash it

Beef with Sauce recipe

3. Prepare the seasoning

Beef with Sauce recipe

4. Put cumin and cloves into the seasoning agent

Beef with Sauce recipe

5. Pour oil in a hot pan, add star anise and ginger in warm oil to burst the fragrance

Beef with Sauce recipe

6. Then pour the beef tendon and stir fry until it is fragrant

Beef with Sauce recipe

7. Pour the rice wine

Beef with Sauce recipe

8. Add light soy sauce and dark soy sauce and stir fry for a fragrant flavor

Beef with Sauce recipe

9. Add hot fried fresh dew

Beef with Sauce recipe

10. Add boiling water

Beef with Sauce recipe

11. Pour all into the electric pressure cooker and pour the remaining seasoning

Beef with Sauce recipe

12. Power on and transfer to beef and mutton stall

Beef with Sauce recipe

13. Wait until the electric pressure cooker can be turned on, return all the soup to the wok and remove all the seasoning

Beef with Sauce recipe

14. Then return the beef tendon to the high heat, while collecting the juice, pour the juice on the beef tendon and cook for a while, then turn off the heat

Beef with Sauce recipe

15. Wait for it to cool and slice and enjoy

Beef with Sauce recipe


The taste is different from each family, please follow your own taste


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