Farmhouse Broth

Farmhouse Broth

by Xiaojun_Joanne

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This basic soup is known by many names: cottage broth, farm broth, or farmhouse soup, etc. It is a classic Western stew. It is typically constructed with random ingredients, and finally any dried or fresh vegetables found at home can be added, and it can be made with beef or lamb. Florence Irwin, a cooking teacher in Northern Ireland in the early twentieth century, wrote: "This was once a Christmas dinner for farmers, and perhaps the only day of the year when they could eat fresh meat."


Farmhouse Broth

1. Soak soybeans in water overnight.

Farmhouse Broth recipe

2. Cut beef tendon into bite-sized pieces.

Farmhouse Broth recipe

3. Put the beef tendon into the pot with cold water, then pour out the water and wash it after the fire is boiled.

Farmhouse Broth recipe

4. Put the beef tendon, soybeans, and barley into the pot and add appropriate amount of water.

Farmhouse Broth recipe

5. Select the "Laohuotang" program, which takes 2 hours.

Farmhouse Broth recipe

6. Cut carrots, white radishes, and celery stalks into small pieces.

Farmhouse Broth recipe

7. Peel the onion and cut into small pieces.

Farmhouse Broth recipe

8. After the soup has boiled for half an hour, add the vegetables and stir well.

Farmhouse Broth recipe

9. For the last 5 minutes, season with salt and pepper.

Farmhouse Broth recipe

10. After the program is over, add chopped parsley leaves.

Farmhouse Broth recipe


1 Any dried vegetables can be used.
2 Beef can be replaced with favorite meats such as lamb.
3 There is no need to add salt too early, otherwise the beef will become firewood.


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