Rice Cooker Braised Beef Tendon

Rice Cooker Braised Beef Tendon

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The temperature has cooled down these days, and some calories are needed to warm up the body. Beef tendon is the best choice. It has muscles and meat, and it is delicious without much fat. It is suitable for men, women and children of all ages.

4 catties of beef tendon, 160 yuan, is really unfamiliar, so big, there is not much after the rice cooker is used, or it will be expensive outside. Your own marinade is not necessarily cheap, but we can leave the marinade, and stew noodles can be used as old soup. It can be used for many purposes!

The braised beef tendon in the rice cooker saves the effort of looking at it with a normal pot, and it is more delicious than the high-pressure cooker. Especially when the soup is boiling, the fragrant beef smell bursts from the vent of the rice cooker to the fragrance of the house, and the saliva is It flows out like a conditioned reflex.


Rice Cooker Braised Beef Tendon

1. Soak the beef tendons in cold water for a while to get rid of excess blood;

Rice Cooker Braised Beef Tendon recipe

2. Follow the veins of the tendon and use the tip of a knife to divide it into several pieces; this is one of the tendon cores;

Rice Cooker Braised Beef Tendon recipe

3. This is one of the larger pieces of fat and lean meat; divided into groups is conducive to maturity, and is also more suitable for family use; it can be divided into two bites if you can't finish it at a time;

Rice Cooker Braised Beef Tendon recipe

4. The beef tendon and cold water are heated at the same time. Because the rice cooker has a capacity of 4 liters, blanching the water first can make the meat smaller so that it can be completely stuffed into the rice cooker; Beijing dialect calls this process "tight meat";

Rice Cooker Braised Beef Tendon recipe

5. While "tightening the meat", prepare the marinated ingredients. They are all commonly used. If you don’t know which is which, you can just buy ready-made beef marinated packs. The spices should not be too much to prevent the herbal flavor from the marinade. Heavy and squeezed meaty;

Rice Cooker Braised Beef Tendon recipe

6. Put the halogen material at the bottom of the inner pot of the rice cooker, and then put the "tight" tendon in the pan to adjust the position; the rice cooker is heated from the bottom, and the halogen material is placed on the bottom of the pot, which is good for fully releasing the fragrance and preventing The meat sticks to the bottom of the pot;

Rice Cooker Braised Beef Tendon recipe

7. Pour the "tight meat" clear soup into the pan, sprinkle salt, pour a little soy sauce, and appropriate soy sauce; the rice cooker loses less water, adjust the soup according to the capacity of the rice cooker used, and add it midway if necessary. Prevent excessive soup and overflow;

Rice Cooker Braised Beef Tendon recipe

8. The "soup" function I use takes 2.5 hours for the whole process; the function and time of different rice cookers are different, and the time is adjusted according to its function and the amount of tendon;

Rice Cooker Braised Beef Tendon recipe

9. The marinated tendon is rosy in color and can be easily pierced through thick parts with chopsticks; it can be sliced up hot and then poured into a proper amount of broth, which is fragrant and enjoyable; if you want to eat cold cut beef, you can soak the beef tendon in the soup Medium for a few hours so that the soup can be tasted;

Rice Cooker Braised Beef Tendon recipe

10. Take out the beef tendons that have been soaked for several hours, put them in fresh-keeping bags and put them in the refrigerator for storage;

Rice Cooker Braised Beef Tendon recipe

11. After refrigerating the beef tendon is firmer, you can easily cut out neat slices with a sharp knife, and adjust the thickness according to your favorite taste;

Rice Cooker Braised Beef Tendon recipe

12. The dipping sauce consists of minced ginger, minced green onion, minced garlic, mixed with some light soy sauce and vinegar. It can be spicy with chili oil, which has a unique flavor.

Rice Cooker Braised Beef Tendon recipe


1. Beef tendons are divided into foreleg tendons and hind leg tendons. The fore tendons are more tender and the back tendons are thick and less. You can choose according to your personal preference. The front tendon is also called flower tendon because the tendon is evenly distributed, so it is especially suitable for slicing large pieces of marinated meat;
2. The beef tendon is large in size. If the capacity of the pot at home is small, the beef tendon can be cut into several along the texture. Do not cut it horizontally. This will damage the whole set of tendon meat and affect the neat and beautiful appearance of the finished product after slicing;
3. The halogen material is not limited to those I use, it can be flexibly mastered and adjusted;
4. The remaining braised soup can be stewed, poured in noodles, or kept as the next old soup; it can be stored in the refrigerator if it is used again within a week for a short period of time. If it is reused for a long time, it can be stored in the refrigerator. can.


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