Boiled Beef Slices

Boiled Beef Slices

by Xianger Kitchen

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This boiled beef uses snowflake beef tendon. The cooking time is very important. It should be picked up after 20 seconds after the water is drained. The taste is very fresh and tender. Add a little baby cabbage to make the base. There are meat and vegetables, and the nutrition is matched. dish


Boiled Beef Slices

1. Cut the meat into thin slices and soak the blood in clean water, then wash and drain the water

Boiled Beef Slices recipe

2. Put it in a bowl, add salt, cooking wine, and cornstarch, stir well and let stand for 1 hour, then pour a tablespoon of oil and stir well

Boiled Beef Slices recipe

3. Wash baby vegetables and cut into pieces

Boiled Beef Slices recipe

4. Wash and chop the green peppers, prepare Pixian bean paste and chili peppers

Boiled Beef Slices recipe

5. Pour the oil in a hot pan and warm the oil, and the bean paste will burst into red oil

Boiled Beef Slices recipe

6. Add boiling water and oil chili

Boiled Beef Slices recipe

7. After the fire is boiled, pour the baby cabbage into a bowl after boiling it, wait for the pot to boil again, add the beef slices and quickly scatter it with chopsticks

Boiled Beef Slices recipe

8. Pour the meat slices and the soup into a large bowl of cabbage and add the chopped green pepper on top

Boiled Beef Slices recipe

9. Pour the oil in another pot and cook until blue smoke appears

Boiled Beef Slices recipe

10. Just pour the hot oil into the bowl

Boiled Beef Slices recipe

11. Serve

Boiled Beef Slices recipe


1. Cut the beef slices evenly in thickness, and add oil after sizing, so that the beef slices are not easy to desizing
2. The Pixian bean paste is salty, and the beef has a low taste. You must try the taste and adjust it before the final seasoning. This is enough for my family.


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