Beijing Haggis Soup

Beijing Haggis Soup

by meggy dancing apple

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Haggis soup was originally a halal snack, and for old Beijing, it was also one of the favorite snacks. Although the nutrition of sheep offal is not as high as lamb, its variety of materials and different taste are also fascinating. Because there are not many haggis, a good haggis soup is not cheap. The most famous haggis soup in Beijing is of course in Niujie, but for those who don’t live nearby, it’s not difficult to eat a bowl of haggis soup. Halal restaurants scattered in Houhai or other places also have delicious and fragrant haggis soup. Bai Kui’s old restaurant is a century-old shop. Don’t care about morning, afternoon and evening, it’s full every day. If you want to eat his halal food, you must either go early or swallow your saliva and watch others eat and eat for a while before you can wait for your seat. This is not to advertise his home, just to tell those who don't know this famous snack, the seemingly simple haggis soup, although not as well-known as Yangchun Baixue, but also has the favored status of the lower Liba people. Haggis, to put it plainly, is the sheep’s offal, including the heart, liver, spleen, stomach, lungs and intestines. Clean the water first, add the seasonings and cook, then cut into small pieces and cook together. The boiled haggis is put into a bowl with coriander, sesame paste, and garlic juice. As soon as the soup is washed down, huh! This smell is really incurable! Sprinkle a handful of coriander, love spicy food, and scoop a spoon and a half of chili oil, you can start eating! By the way, let's have another sesame sesame biscuits, and your meal will be solved. Nowadays, at home, we can also create a taste that is not inferior to that of the old store. Come and see with me!


Beijing Haggis Soup

1. The half-finished sheep miscellaneous products bought are cleaned again to remove bad places and blood

Beijing Haggis Soup recipe

2. Slice, cut into sections, set aside

Beijing Haggis Soup recipe

3. Bring half a pot of water to the boil, put the sheep offal into the pot. After boiling, remove the foam, cover and cook for about 15 minutes on medium heat. During this time, do the following seasoning work. In the pot, remove the scum after boiling, cover and cook for about 15 minutes on medium heat. During this time, you can do the following seasoning work

Beijing Haggis Soup recipe

4. Two tablespoons of sesame paste into a bowl

Beijing Haggis Soup recipe

5. Add cold boiled water several times, then add salt, adjust the sesame paste into a thin paste, scoop it up with a spoon, it can flow down smoothly

Beijing Haggis Soup recipe

6. The garlic is flattened, chopped, and oxidized in advance to increase nutrition

Beijing Haggis Soup recipe

7. Cut the dried red pepper into small pieces with scissors, and put the white sesame seeds in a bowl

Beijing Haggis Soup recipe

8. Put oil in the pot, turn off the heat when the oil is a little smokey

Beijing Haggis Soup recipe

9. After 30 seconds of drying, pour the hot oil into the pepper bowl to become fragrant pepper sesame oil

Beijing Haggis Soup recipe

10. Wash the coriander, cut into small sections, put the minced garlic into a bowl, add some water and mix thoroughly, all the seasonings are ready

Beijing Haggis Soup recipe

11. The lamb is cooked, add some salt

Beijing Haggis Soup recipe

12. Put the lamb and soup into a bowl, then add chili oil, garlic juice, sesame paste, and coriander in turn

Beijing Haggis Soup recipe


The semi-finished haggis must be cleaned inside and out several times to remove bad parts and impurities


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