Yimeng Whole Sheep Soup

Yimeng Whole Sheep Soup

by Xuefenger

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Haggis soup, also known as mutton soup, is stewed together with goat head, goat liver, goat lung, goat intestine, goat belly, and nourishing blood. The nutrition is also very comprehensive, which can nourish the liver and improve eyesight, and can also replenish deficiency, making the body better. Many people like lamb miscellaneous soup, especially Yimeng whole lamb soup is the best in Shandong. When passing by Yimeng, I often drank this whole lamb soup. It is delicious and slightly spicy. Then it is soaked in local small pot cakes, and it tastes for a long time. Can't forget. When I went to the market on the weekend, I suddenly saw something for sale. I bought some and made it myself. I didn’t expect it to taste quite authentic. This season is also the season of warming and nourishing. I made a pot at home and the whole family was sitting around, drinking warm, very warm. beautiful.


Yimeng Whole Sheep Soup

1. All haggis spare

Yimeng Whole Sheep Soup recipe

2. Sheep blood cut into strips

Yimeng Whole Sheep Soup recipe

3. Pour the mutton soup, which is the soup of boiled mutton or mutton bone, into a casserole, and add green onion and ginger

Yimeng Whole Sheep Soup recipe

4. Pour the haggis and boil

Yimeng Whole Sheep Soup recipe

5. Then pour sheep's blood

Yimeng Whole Sheep Soup recipe

6. Simmer on low heat for about 10 minutes to bring out the flavor

Yimeng Whole Sheep Soup recipe

7. Add salt, pepper, chopped green onion, and chopped parsley to taste

Yimeng Whole Sheep Soup recipe


1. Simmer slowly for a while, the flavor of various lamb will be fully simmered. This is one of the ways to make lamb soup delicious.

2. You can make lamb soup by yourself, just use lamb bones to make the soup.


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