Fried Lamb Liver

Fried Lamb Liver

by Twilight shadow

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Now everyone is staring at the computer and mobile phone all day, feeling very tired of eyes. Supplement some foods that are good for the eyes, eating tonic is better than taking medicine. It is also delicious if you make hand-crushed liver. Dip it with garlic to remove the greasy smell. Stir-fried or making soup are fresh and delicious. The mutton liver made today tastes good, and it is tender and delicious. Add some chili to enhance the flavor!


Fried Lamb Liver

1. Fresh lamb’s liver is soaked in cold water with bleeding water. The longer the soaking time, the better. Add new water again when cooking.

Fried Lamb Liver recipe

2. The cooked lamb liver slices do not need to be cut too thick, so that the taste will be worse.

Fried Lamb Liver recipe

3. Stir-fry the chili and carrot slices in a pan with hot oil.

Fried Lamb Liver recipe

4. Stir in the pot, fry lamb liver, add cooking wine. Soy sauce stir fry.

Fried Lamb Liver recipe

5. Fill the lamb liver with the soup and stir fry with salt.

Fried Lamb Liver recipe

6. It's ready to be cooked. Eating more lamb liver is good for eyesight.

Fried Lamb Liver recipe


1. Pay attention to heat when cooking lamb liver, it is especially easy to overcook.
2. Do not freeze cooked sheep liver. It is best to eat fresh food within two days of constant temperature storage.

3. Be sure to pay attention when purchasing, the color is dark red, the hand is flexible, and the one without peculiar smell is fresh


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