Big Soup Dumpling

Big Soup Dumpling

by Doctor_mtNXLM

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Haha soup dumplings made with pork skin jelly, pork and green onions. The tender meat soup is very delicious. Try it dears. "


Big Soup Dumpling

1. Boiled pig skin jelly.

Big Soup Dumpling recipe

2. Pork skin frozen but broken

Big Soup Dumpling recipe

3. Chopped green onions in the meat

Big Soup Dumpling recipe

4. Put together

Big Soup Dumpling recipe

5. Add some pepper, salt, and fresh soy sauce to stir well.

Big Soup Dumpling recipe

6. Made dough cakes

Big Soup Dumpling recipe

7. Haha 😄 One big bun is enough for one person 😁

Big Soup Dumpling recipe

8. Out of the pot, the meat is tender and juicy.

Big Soup Dumpling recipe

9. Finished product

Big Soup Dumpling recipe

10. Finished haha😄

Big Soup Dumpling recipe


If you make your own pig skin jelly, put the pork skin you bought back with boiling water over it, and carry it clean on the back. It is cooked in the upper pot, but broken, and the ratio is 1:3. One part pork skin and three parts water, boil it to the edge of the pot and hang the lake, then it is ready and cool. ok.


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