Black Fish Tofu Soup

Black Fish Tofu Soup

by Wan Xiner

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Snakehead fish: cold in nature, sweet in taste, returning to the spleen and stomach meridian; treating five hemorrhoids, treating dampness and swollen face, can "tonify the heart and nourish yin, clarify kidney water, promote water penetration, detoxify and remove heat"; have spleen and diuresis , To remove blood stasis and regenerate, clear away heat and other effects.


Black Fish Tofu Soup

1. Prepare the ingredients. It is recommended to choose fresh live fish. The fish soup made is more delicious. You can ask the fish master to remove the scales and clean the internal organs of the fish.

Black Fish Tofu Soup recipe

2. Cut the black fish into pieces

Black Fish Tofu Soup recipe

3. Add appropriate amount of salt, ginger slices, minced garlic, light soy sauce, cooking wine, steamed fish soy sauce and marinate for seven or eight minutes

Black Fish Tofu Soup recipe

4. Pour oil in a hot pan, add sliced ginger and minced garlic, add fish head and fry first (fish head is not easy to cook)

Black Fish Tofu Soup recipe

5. When the fish head is half cooked, add the fish pieces, and fry them over a low heat all the way, turning slightly, and fry until the two sides of the fish pieces turn golden brown.

Black Fish Tofu Soup recipe

6. Pour half a bottle of boiling water over the fish cubes

Black Fish Tofu Soup recipe

7. After boiling, add tofu cubes, sprinkle with salt and steamed fish soy sauce (the amount of salt, you can taste the saltiness before putting it)

Black Fish Tofu Soup recipe

8. Cover the pot and simmer on high heat for about ten minutes, the fish soup itself turns milky white

Black Fish Tofu Soup recipe

9. Put some goji berries, reduce to low heat and simmer for five minutes

Black Fish Tofu Soup recipe

10. Turn off the heat, pour it into a casserole, sprinkle with chopped green onions, and the nourishing and delicious black fish tofu soup will be out of the pot.

Black Fish Tofu Soup recipe


1. It is recommended that the soup is lighter, so it is important to grasp the salt. Add salt in the middle, taste it before putting it, the fish soup is too salty, which will affect the taste;
2. The step of frying fish is also very important. The reason why the fish head is fried first is because the concave and convex parts of the fish head are not easy to cook;
3. Don't stir the fried fish all the time. Use a low heat and stir lightly to avoid breaking the pieces of fish. Be patient.


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