Black Sesame Cookies

Black Sesame Cookies

by Rapeseed Hemp Sauce

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Black sesame is a very good thing for small pots. If you are tired of making cranberry cookies, why not try the black sesame, it is also delicious!


Black Sesame Cookies

1. The butter is softened at room temperature, and icing sugar is added to swell, and the color is slightly white.

Black Sesame Cookies recipe

2. Add the refrigerated pure milk in portions, and stir evenly each time!

Black Sesame Cookies recipe

3. Add the sieved low powder and mix well until there is no dry powder!

Black Sesame Cookies recipe

4. Add black sesame seeds and stir well with a spatula.

Black Sesame Cookies recipe

5. The black sesame must be mixed evenly, there must be even black sesame inside and outside, so that it will be more fragrant!

Black Sesame Cookies recipe

6. Prepare a piping bag and a piping mouth. I use this for the first time. Spreading a layer of butter on the baking tray is more convenient for demoulding!

Black Sesame Cookies recipe

7. Preheat the oven to 160 degrees, and bake on the top and bottom for about 20 minutes.

Black Sesame Cookies recipe

8. Although the squeeze is not very beautiful, the black sesame seeds are too fragrant, and I love it very much!

Black Sesame Cookies recipe


The milk is refrigerated!


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