Black Sesame Gnocchi

Black Sesame Gnocchi

by Mother Maizi

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The Lantern Festival is coming in a few days, and the glutinous rice balls in the supermarket are on sale again! I bought black sesame filling and made some dumplings by myself!


Black Sesame Gnocchi

1. Black sesame filling

Black Sesame Gnocchi recipe

2. Evenly divide into small groups, each about 18 grams

Black Sesame Gnocchi recipe

3. Put people water mill glutinous rice flour in the basin

Black Sesame Gnocchi recipe

4. Stir while heating the water to form a snowflake shape

Black Sesame Gnocchi recipe

5. And then make a dough

Black Sesame Gnocchi recipe

6. Take off a piece and rub it round and poke a hole with your thumb and then turn it out

Black Sesame Gnocchi recipe

7. Put a black sesame filling

Black Sesame Gnocchi recipe

8. Use the tiger's mouth to slowly gather and round

Black Sesame Gnocchi recipe

9. This is a finished semi-finished product, about 35 grams each

Black Sesame Gnocchi recipe

10. Bring the water in the pot to a boil, put the dumplings in a boil, add cold water again and cook until the dumplings float on the water

Black Sesame Gnocchi recipe

11. Just put it out of the pot and put it in a bowl, remember to add some water

Black Sesame Gnocchi recipe


In our case, the glutinous rice balls are sweet and salty. In fact, I personally prefer fresh meat glutinous rice balls


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