Black Sesame Toast

Black Sesame Toast

by Happy and happy

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Toast bread is my favorite staple food of bread. For those who make breakfast every day, bread is a nutritious, delicious and convenient staple food. And I like to study the recipe of bread by myself, because I don’t like to eat too much oil. Most of the toast bread sold out contains a certain amount of oil, such as butter or vegetable oil, and I make it myself. It can be made into an oil-free formula; secondly, the amount of sugar can be reduced. I don’t like the staple food that is too sweet, but I prefer to eat bread, so the amount of sugar will be reduced when making it; in addition, the bread made by myself , No matter how it feels better than the ones bought outside, you can also mix some ingredients at will to make the bread more nutritious!

Some time ago I shared the production process of two oil-free basic toast bread. Many friends left a message saying that they like it. This time I will share another oil-free black sesame toast. One of the characteristics of this bread is not to put it. Oil, whether it is butter or other edible oils, do not need to put in all; the second is not to put milk, but for the taste of bread, I still did not give up milk powder, but the amount of milk powder is not large, even people who don’t like the taste of milk can accept it. This smells. In addition, I also changed a toast mold. The color of this toast mold is more beautiful than the previous toast mold, and the finished product has a uniform color. I especially like it. Anyone who cooks knows that I want it. The tools are also very important when baking is done well!

Black Sesame Toast

1. Put all the ingredients into the inner bucket of the bread machine in the order of liquid first, then flour. Two kneading procedures are used to knead a piece of dough that is soft and can pull out the film; (if it is kneading by hand, the order of ingredients is not so Importantly, the bread machine I use for kneading takes 40 minutes in total for the two procedures. The time required for different bread machine models is different. If it is manual kneading, it takes about 15-20 minutes to reach the film. Status)

Black Sesame Toast recipe

2. The kneaded dough can be fermented in the inner barrel of the bread machine, and fermented to twice its size. The dough is soft and elastic. It is pricked down in the middle, and it is fluffy but will not collapse and will not shrink;

Black Sesame Toast recipe

3. Take out the fermented dough, knead the dough on the kneading mat, and divide it into three small doughs of equal size; cover with plastic wrap or buckle a small basin, let stand for 15-20 minutes; (mainly to see What is the indoor temperature, if the weather is hot, 15 minutes is enough, if the room temperature is low, the time should be extended)

Black Sesame Toast recipe

4. After the dough is standing and proofed, it can be seen that there is obviously swelling;

Black Sesame Toast recipe

5. Take a piece of dough, gently knead the air, and knead it into a long shape, roll it out with a rolling pin, and make it into a long strip;

Black Sesame Toast recipe

6. Roll up gently, not too tightly, roll into one roll, set aside, and make three rolls in sequence;

Black Sesame Toast recipe

7. Take the first finished roll and roll it into a long strip. Don't be too thin. It doesn't matter if it is thicker. The main thing is to remove the bubbles in the dough and roll it up gently. The end can be thinned with a rolling pin. The shape of the roll after it is rolled will be better;

Black Sesame Toast recipe

8. Rolled bread rolls

Black Sesame Toast recipe

9. Place the three rolled bread rolls in a toast mold and place them in the oven for the second fermentation. The oven generally has a fermentation function, but it can also be fermented at room temperature in summer. You can add a plate of hot water to the bottom of the oven to increase the temperature and humidity in the oven and help the dough to ferment;

Black Sesame Toast recipe

10. The fermented bread is about nine minutes full of the toast mold, and brushed with a layer of egg white, so that the color of the baked product will look better; you can also brush with whole egg liquid;

Black Sesame Toast recipe

11. Set the oven to 165 degrees for 40 minutes, put the baking tray on the bottom layer, and fire up and down; if you look at the middle, if the color is too heavy, you need to cover a piece of tin foil on the top of the toast box;

Black Sesame Toast recipe

12. Time is up, the bread is ready;

Black Sesame Toast recipe

13. Pour the toasted black sesame toast on a drying net to dissipate heat, and then slice it into a bag after letting it cool. The advantage of this non-stick toast mold is that it comes out as soon as it is poured, which is particularly trouble-free, and the mold is still clean. The heat conduction effect of the toast mold is good, and the color and shape of the bread will also be great. The toast bread I made is not bad. Although there is no oil or milk, it tastes very good. Since I learned to make bread by myself, I don't want to buy outside bread at all.

Black Sesame Toast recipe

14. This bread recipe not only does not need to put oil, but the sugar content is not too high, and it adds nutrient-rich black sesame seeds, which does not add flavor, but also supplements nutrition for the family. My daughter doesn't like to eat black sesame seeds, so she can only drink it in rice paste or soy milk, but she can easily accept black sesame seeds in bread. They said it was delicious!

Black Sesame Toast recipe


Sliced toast is delicious when you eat it directly. You can also make sandwiches, toast pudding, or French toast. They are all great!


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