Black Soy Chili

Black Soy Chili

by Dance of wolf

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A home-cooked dish that is served with a meal is simple, very fragrant and spicy, with a strong local flavor.

This dish should be a southern dish. I haven't done it before, but I was attracted by its way of making hot peppers. "Liao" is so proud here.
I'm not very addicted to spiciness, so I used ordinary green and red peppers, which are average in spiciness. Because of the addition of tempeh, the taste of this dish becomes very unusual. It tastes spicy and has a thick sweet taste.

Because of its special method and thick fragrance, I personally feel that this is a very homely dish. "


Black Soy Chili

1. Wash the peppers, remove the stems and seeds, shred the ginger, and slice the garlic.

Black Soy Chili recipe

2. After the oil is hot in the pot, add shredded ginger and garlic slices, and the tempeh is super fragrant.

Black Soy Chili recipe

3. Pour in the chili segments and fry on low heat.

Black Soy Chili recipe

4. Add an appropriate amount of refined salt, stir-fry the peppers with a fine heat to soften the skin and blisters.

Black Soy Chili recipe

5. Put the fried chilies into a clean container and mash them with a wooden stick (a small clean bowl, a rolling pin will do).

Black Soy Chili recipe

6. Just mash the chilies into puree.

Black Soy Chili recipe

7. Put the chili puree on a plate and sprinkle with chopped green onions.

Black Soy Chili recipe


1. Those who like strong spicy flavor can choose more spicy peppers such as Wangtian pepper.

2. After washing the chili, remove the seeds and stalks, cut into sections, pat it with a knife so that it tends to become soft when frying.


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