Pickled Garlic Stalks

Pickled Garlic Stalks

by Handsome chef

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Garlic sprouts are very delicious whether they are fried or mixed, but my family prefers "pickled garlic sprouts", which is also a favorite of many northern families. Some rice porridge is served with a few pickled side dishes for dinner. Although it is not delicate, it is also delicious. Among them, pickled garlic sprouts must be the first choice for pickled side dishes. The method is also very simple.


Pickled Garlic Stalks

1. A handful of fresh garlic sprouts, about half a catty, pinch the head and remove the tail

Pickled Garlic Stalks recipe

2. Take the fresh and tender part in the middle and cut into small pieces in 2 for marinating. The rest of the harder parts can be used for stir-frying. You can also marinate together if you don’t care. Most salt is about 4 grams and 1 teaspoon of pepper.

Pickled Garlic Stalks recipe

3. Put the cut garlic sprouts in the fresh-keeping box, add salt and pepper to marinate for 30 minutes, remove the water in the garlic sprouts with salt; take a clean bowl, add 50 grams of light soy sauce, 50 grams of vinegar, 10 grams of sesame oil, and 2 hours Spoon, if you don’t eat spicy, you don’t need to add oil, mix the above seasoning into a bowl of juice

Pickled Garlic Stalks recipe

4. Put a portion of the marinated garlic sprouts into a bowl of juice and marinate for more than 2 hours before eating. Don't add up the garlic sprouts at a time, just add them until the garlic sprouts have passed the bowl of juice. The garlic sprouts are added to the bowl of juice and marinated for a good taste. After salting, the garlic sprouts lose their moisture, and they are marinated in the bowl again to absorb the flavor. Please keep them in the refrigerator if you don’t finish eating them.

Pickled Garlic Stalks recipe


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