Yue Gourmet-best Beef Beef

Yue Gourmet-best Beef Beef

by Yue Gourmet

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Salty and fresh, slightly numb, leaving fragrance on lips and teeth

Yue Gourmet-best Beef Beef

1. Put the hot water in the pot, add the silver buds, and remove them into the plate for 5 seconds. Fill the pot with water and heat, add beef slices when 90% is open, and quickly remove the meat when it turns pink.

Yue Gourmet-best Beef Beef recipe

2. Pour the clear chicken soup in the pot, pour in the phoenix ball abalone juice, sesame oil, and green pepper oil to bring to a boil.

Yue Gourmet-best Beef Beef recipe

3. Place the green beauty pepper, red beauty pepper, minced garlic, and fresh pepper on top of the beef.

Yue Gourmet-best Beef Beef recipe

4. Just pour the prepared soup on the plate.

Yue Gourmet-best Beef Beef recipe


Taste: salty and fresh, slight numbness, fragrance retention on lips and teeth Effect: nourishing spleen and stomach, nourishing qi and blood, strengthening muscles and bones


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