Black Tea Cookies

Black Tea Cookies

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The tea-scented biscuits and black tea cookies are simple to operate without too much technical content, and can be easily handled by a novice in the kitchen.


Black Tea Cookies

1. Prepare the required ingredients

2. Put the black tea into the food machine and smash it

3. Soften the butter at room temperature, add powdered sugar and white sugar, and beat at high speed with a whisk

Black Tea Cookies recipe

4. Knock the eggs into the bowl and beat them evenly. When the butter is beaten into a pale and whitish feather shape, add the egg liquid in 3 times. Each time you add, the beaten egg liquid is completely blended into the butter.

5. Add black tea powder

6. Sift the low-gluten flour and add it to the butter batter

Black Tea Cookies recipe

7. Stir the batter slowly with a knife to mix evenly

8. Put the batter into the piping bag, put the chrysanthemum-shaped piping mouth, put the butter batter into the piping bag to squeeze out the pattern. If you feel that squeezing the pattern is too tired, you can also use a rolling pin to roll it out and use a biscuit mold. Extruded shape

9. Preheat the oven at 180 degrees, and bake the upper and lower tubes for about 25 minutes

Black Tea Cookies recipe
Black Tea Cookies recipe
Black Tea Cookies recipe
Black Tea Cookies recipe


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