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Recently, someone on the Internet has published a recipe for chrysanthemum tofu soup, which is similar to Vance Tofu! At a glance, I feel that the swordsmanship is not something ordinary people can do! Looking closely at the recipe steps, I found the mystery, it turned out to be made with a tool called chrysanthemum tofu silk knife! That must be a try! Search for a certain treasure and choose an order with a moderate price! The next step is to prepare the ingredients, first prepare a pot of stock, preferably clear, mainly for good-looking! Then choose tofu, it must be brine tofu! Marinated tofu! Marinated tofu! The important thing is said three times! Can't use lactone tofu, that kind of tofu is tender! The success rate is not high! Finally, all movements must be gentle and gentle!



1. 1. Let's cook the broth first. The broth here is best clear broth. Add chicken skeleton, ham slices, and ginger slices to a proper amount of water and simmer, boil, add a little cooking wine and continue to simmer

Blooming recipe

2. After boiling for half an hour, the soup turned white. After removing the chicken skeleton and ham slices, I added a spoonful of fresh pork puree. This was seen on TV. It was said that it could make the soup clearer, so I added another Some cooking wine, add some salt to taste after tasting

Blooming recipe

3. I also added some cabbage to the soup, because the cabbage in winter is very delicious, sweet, I want to make the broth a little sweet

Blooming recipe

4. After it's cooked, filter out the broth. My soup is still not clear enough, maybe the pork mash has been added. Anyway, prepare a pot of broth, it's best to be clear, mainly good-looking

Blooming recipe

5. Prepare tofu, you must pay attention here, not to use lactone tofu is too tender, just use brine tofu

Blooming recipe

6. For the chrysanthemum tofu silk knife purchased online, if you have good knife skills and are full of confidence in yourself, then omit it! This set of tools is more than 20 yuan, a certain treasure can be sold! There are a total of 3 parts. In order to describe the following steps, I will name them respectively: knife frame (upper left), knife net (upper right), knife cover (below)

Blooming recipe

7. A whole piece of tofu can be made into four chrysanthemums. First use the knife frame of the tofu mold, and gently press 1/4 of the tofu to the bottom.

Blooming recipe

8. Transfer the shredder mold and the cut tofu into a bowl

Blooming recipe

9. Hold the knife frame placed in the bowl with your left hand, put the knife net on the tofu with your right hand, and press down evenly to draw out the silk. Don’t use too much force, otherwise the tofu silk will break easily.

Blooming recipe

10. At this time, the outermost knife frame can be taken out to remove the excess tofu residue on the mold wall. This step is very important and requires the cooperation of both hands! Use the knife cover with your right hand to press down and push out the tofu until it stops. Take the knife cover out and put it down. With your left hand, lift the knife net up at the same time, then use your right hand to take the usual kitchen knife and cut the tofu along the bottom of the mold

Blooming recipe

11. This is the finished shredded tofu, now it looks the same as usual tofu, right?

Blooming recipe

12. Slowly pour clean water along the edge of the bowl to remove the excess tofu residue, filter 2 to 3 times until the water becomes clear, do not directly add water to the tofu shreds, otherwise the tofu shreds will break easily

Blooming recipe

13. Remove the water, slowly pour the pre-prepared soup along the edge of the bowl, and slowly shake the bowl in your hand to spread the tofu shreds, like a blooming chrysanthemum.

Blooming recipe

14. Put the chrysanthemum tofu in a steamer and steam for 5 or 6 minutes. Of course, you can also blanch the whole tofu in advance and then cut into shreds. Then you don’t need to steam it in the pot.

Blooming recipe

15. You can decorate it with choy sum, and boil the choy sum in the excess broth to soften

Blooming recipe

16. Take out the steamed chrysanthemum tofu, add green vegetables and goji berries to decorate, all movements should be gentle and slow

Blooming recipe


The tofu used here must be brine tofu! The success rate of other tofu is very low. When filtering and pouring the soup, the action must be gentle, slow and gentle. The water should be poured slowly along the edge of the bowl. Do not pour directly on the tofu.


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