Homemade Tofu

Homemade Tofu

by gary

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The special dishes of Beijing Banquet have their own hand-made tofu, and the tofu returned by air from Ningbo has the characteristics of tender, smooth and strong tofu flavor from north and south tofu!


Homemade Tofu

1. Buy the bittern tofu with a stronger flavor of tofu, break it by hand, and divide it into small pieces

Homemade Tofu recipe

2. Put the tofu in the pot, pour the broth, the amount of soup should be better than the tofu

Homemade Tofu recipe

3. Slice the bamboo shoots and mushrooms, put them in the pot, add a few opened shrimps and a little salt, and cook for 10 minutes, until the surface of the tofu is smooth

Homemade Tofu recipe

4. Sprinkle your own refined chicken fat before serving

Homemade Tofu recipe

5. Sprinkle some chopped green onion after serving

Homemade Tofu recipe
Homemade Tofu recipe


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