Farm Stew

Farm Stew

by Luo Shengtang

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I remember going to the farmyard for dinner or in some restaurants in the first few years. One of the dishes I often ordered was the farm stew. When I came up with this big pot, the contents were rich, such as pork belly, meatballs, fried tofu, large intestines, radishes, potatoes, etc. It tastes arrogant. It looks like a big pot. In fact, there is not much stuff in it. There are only three or four meatballs, three or four slices of meat, and a few pieces of intestines. It is delicious, but I really want to It’s no good not to order two portions after eating, so I went home to make it. There are real things at home. The materials are selected and the ingredients are clean. Although it is a bit more troublesome, it is definitely the way to split the light on the table. No, the sky is getting cooler, we have to eat meat to replenish fat again, this dish must be cooked, definitely boost our energy


Farm Stew

1. Ingredients: 500 grams of refined pork belly, 500 grams of minced meat, 500 grams of raw large intestine Ingredients: 1 piece of salted tofu Seasoning: 25 grams of soy sauce, 30 grams of rice wine, 15 grams of rock sugar, 1 piece of soy tofu, appropriate amount of high white wine, 2 teaspoons of salt , 1 scallion, 1 small piece of ginger, red rice a little spice: 3 star anise, 4 bay leaves, 2 small pieces of cinnamon, 1 small pinch of Chinese pepper

Farm Stew recipe

2. Turn over the large intestine to remove part of the intestinal oil, grab it with alkali and salt for a while, rinse, then grab it with vinegar for a while and wash it off, blanch it with high-quality white wine twice, and cut into small sections for later use.

Farm Stew recipe

3. Soak the sliced green onion and ginger into shredded green onion and ginger for a while. Put 1 gram of salt in the meat filling, and use a small amount of onion and ginger water to adjust the appropriate amount of starch and pour it into the meat filling to make it stronger

Farm Stew recipe

4. Pour the oil in the pot and heat it to 60 to 70% hot, squeeze the meat into meatballs and fry in the oil until the surface is set and it is about 70 to 80 mature

Farm Stew recipe

5. Put a little green onion and ginger on the pork belly and cook for ten minutes.

Farm Stew recipe

6. Spread the soy sauce while it's hot for color, fry it in 80% of the hot oil until the skin turns dark brown and cut into large thick slices.

Farm Stew recipe

7. Finally, cut the tofu into large and thick slices and fry in 80% hot oil until the surface is golden and set out.

Farm Stew recipe

8. All processed ingredients

Farm Stew recipe

9. Pork belly, meatballs and large intestine are separately placed in the pot. You can put two boiled eggs in, pour in hot water and just soak the ingredients, boil, put soy sauce, rice wine, soy tofu, rock sugar and appropriate amount of salt, and then put four kinds of spices and Bring the scallion and ginger to the lowest heat, and finally add a few red rice rice to increase the color. Cover the pan and simmer for about 2 and a half hours. After 2 hours, add the fried tofu and cook together.

Farm Stew recipe


1. The heat of this dish is very important. Use the minimum heat to keep the noodle soup slightly open, so that the soup will not dry up quickly, and the taste of the ingredients will be better absorbed. Just add water and just soak and the ingredients are flat. It’s almost done, don’t have too much water, it will taste very weak. In the last half an hour, turn on the fire a little bit to let the soup consume a little bit, so that the flavor will be strong.
2. The large intestine has a strong smell. First, wash it, and then add more high-quality white wine to remove the peculiar smell during the second blanching, and then add a little green onion ginger and pepper to the second blanching, and cook a little more on medium and low heat Minutes, the large intestine produced in this way has almost no peculiar smell, and then it can be stewed with other ingredients. Don’t cut the intestines too large and it will not be easy to cook at the same time with other ingredients.
3. If frying meat is troublesome, you can omit the frying step, put a little oil in the wok, and burn the raw meat skin on the top for a while before cooking, so that the meat skin also has a Q taste
4. It is best not to put green onion and ginger in the meat filling for the meatballs. Once fried, it will be easy to paste. Just make some green onion and ginger water. But sometimes if it is too late, you can add green onion and ginger. You don't need to be too particular about eating at home. Into the meat fillings little by little, not all at once, and finally stir in one direction until it is strong, so as to ensure that the meatballs will not rot in the pot after more than two hours of stewing, and they will have a certain texture.
5. The fried tofu must be served when it is almost ripe at the end, because fried tofu is very smelly, put it in too early to take up the area, and it will become salty and rotten.
6. Boil a few eggs, throw them in and cook them together. This is also very good. No potatoes and radishes are included this time. One is ready in 20 minutes, and the radish is almost ready in 40 minutes


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