Braised Beef, High-quality Home-cooked Recipe Recommendation

Braised Beef, High-quality Home-cooked Recipe Recommendation

by Little beautiful food

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There is a long wait for braised beef. This process is really difficult, especially when you want to cook rice in a pot, especially when you are hungry, the house is full of the fragrance of brine.
I made braised beef before. Xiaomei tried it for the first time, but the effect was not very satisfactory. Fortunately, the beef tasted very good. Finally, the beef slices were used to make braised rice. It was delicious and the bottom of the braised rice was added. Crispy rice. I can drool when I think about it~

Braised beef can use leg meat, beef tendon, or even sirloin. There is no special requirement, but most of them are made of beef tendon. Because there are beef tendons, beef tendons are also divided into large and small beef tendons. Of course The calf tendon (money tendon) is the best.
You can keep the brine and use it all the time. Many restaurants have old brine. I won't introduce more about the specific old brine, Xiaomei, you can Baidu.
The old brine will not harm the human body, and it will not taste bad. The preservation method of the brine can also be Baidu. Xiaomei filters the brine and keeps it in the refrigerator.

This time I didn’t buy the beef very well, and it was not a complete beef tendon. For this reason, Xiaomei thought that he had bought fake beef tendon. Instead, the beef brisket I bought before looked like beef tendon with the feeling of tendon. This time the beef tendon is all lean. Ah~ a tuo of lean meat, I went to the supermarket to buy beef in person. After all, it is not easy to make a pot of braised beef, and it cannot fail on the meat. I ran over and asked the other party that I didn't have beef, and insisted that I buy pork home for cooking, but I had no choice but to purchase it online.


Braised Beef, High-quality Home-cooked Recipe Recommendation

1. Star anise, bay leaves, cinnamon, pepper, green onions, ginger slices, rock sugar, dried chili. The amount in this figure is the amount of 1KG beef tendon.

Braised Beef, High-quality Home-cooked Recipe Recommendation recipe

2. Blanch the water to remove the fishy, and boil the beef in a pot under cold water until the water boils and bubbles come out.

Braised Beef, High-quality Home-cooked Recipe Recommendation recipe

3. Pour boiling water (hot water), add beef tendon and the ingredients prepared above, and add seasoning soy sauce, dark soy sauce, cooking wine, rock sugar, salt,

Braised Beef, High-quality Home-cooked Recipe Recommendation recipe

4. Keep the lid open and cook for about 2.5 hours. Use chopsticks to try to penetrate the meat.

Braised Beef, High-quality Home-cooked Recipe Recommendation recipe


1. The cold water pot can better remove the fishy. If the boiling water pot is heated, the protein on the surface of the beef will solidify and shrink, and the taste in the beef is not easy to remove, so use cold water and slowly heat up.
2. Those who use an electric pressure cooker must not select the beef sirloin function button. This function will stew the beef too long if it takes too long to cook. Xiaomei uses the function keys for chicken and duck. You can press the function keys for cooking on both sides, and the effect is the same. Don’t worry, you can wait until the lid of the pressure cooker can be opened, and then insert the beef with chopsticks to see if it is mature.
3. If you don't need a pressure cooker, cook it on a gas stove for about 2.5 hours.
4. Finally, it must be soaked in water before taking it out, so that the beef can absorb the flavor of the soup more.
5. It is recommended that the lid of the boiled beef be left open so that the bad taste in the beef can be released.

About dipping materials: chili oil, sesame oil, marinade, vinegar, sugar, green onion, garlic


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