Boiled Cabbage

Boiled Cabbage

by Meimeijia's Kitchen

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Boiling water cabbage is a traditional Sichuan dish. It was originally created by Sichuan celebrity chef Huang Jinglin when he was in the imperial dining room of the Qing Palace. Later Sichuan cuisine master Luo Guorong brought his cooking skills back to Sichuan and became a blind delicacy at high-end banquets in Beijing restaurants. The name of boiled cabbage is boiling water, but in fact it is a clever use of clear soup. The key is to hang the soup. The soup should be strong and clear, as clear as boiling water. At first glance, the finished vegetable looks like a few cabbage hearts soaked in water, and a star oil flower is missing. But when you eat it in your mouth, it is fragrant and refreshing. Boiling water cabbage is actually a premium clear soup dish.
Don't think that "boiled water" is "boiled water". The "boiled water" here is the most high-end soup. It is hung with hens, ducks, ham, scallops, knuckles, etc. It is delicious. It's just because it's hanging well and the soup is as clear as water, that's why it's such a humble name. It is not called "supplied cabbage" and it is used in the opposite way. People can't look good, and dishes can't be justified. In the past, in Sichuan cuisine, this was the first-class soup that competed with the delicacies and seafood in price and taste.
Of course, there are not so strict requirements for home production. Today’s home-cooked version saves several processes, but the broth is essential.


Boiled Cabbage

1. Prepare the chicken broth in advance and bring half a pot of water to a boil

Boiled Cabbage recipe

2. When the cabbage is cooked, pour out the boiling water

Boiled Cabbage recipe

3. Put the prepared chicken broth into it, add salt to taste

Boiled Cabbage recipe

4. Sprinkle a few red pepper slices to garnish

Boiled Cabbage recipe

5. Just burn it to get out of the pot

Boiled Cabbage recipe


1. The authentic boiled cabbage is boiled and softened with broth. In order to save the broth, the home version is boiled in boiled water first, and the cabbage is softened and then replaced with broth to taste.
2. The cabbage is best to choose small ones, the whole is more beautiful.


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