Boiled Fish

Boiled Fish

by Xin Lai

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This tastes great, but it’s better to eat this with a glass of iced cola or iced herbal tea in summer (๑>؂


Boiled Fish

1. Wash bean sprouts, slice old ginger, smash garlic

Boiled Fish recipe

2. Wash bean sprouts, slice old ginger, smash garlic, cut green onion, and tear dried chili

Boiled Fish recipe

3. Add oil to the pot, heat to 50% heat, add the Chinese pepper and bean paste, slowly saute over medium heat until the oil turns red, then add the onion, ginger, garlic and dried chili and saute until fragrant

Boiled Fish recipe

4. Add appropriate amount of water, add bean sprouts after boiling

Boiled Fish recipe

5. When it boils again, add the fish, turn the bean sprouts up, and press the fish until the fish is completely submerged in the soup

Boiled Fish recipe

6. Add a little salt and cook until the fish tastes good

Boiled Fish recipe


1. Dried chili and watercress can be added according to your own taste
2. Poke holes in the fish to better release the dead blood and make it easier to taste
3. After the fish is eaten, you can cook some favorite dishes, such as potatoes, lotus root, lean meat, etc., so you can put more oil, if there is less oil, it will not taste enough


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