Boiled Fish

Boiled Fish

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Boiled fish is a favorite dish of our Sichuanese. It is spicy and fragrant. It is a gospel for those who love spicy flavors.


Boiled Fish

1. After washing and draining the fish, add white wine and mix well, then add ginger and salt, mix well and marinate for half an hour.

Boiled Fish recipe

2. Chop the ginger and garlic, cut the shallots into sections, and cut the dried chili into sections.

Boiled Fish recipe

3. Cut scallions into sections, slice white mushrooms, and cut onions into cubes.

Boiled Fish recipe

4. The hot pot base is made of clean oil, and the taste is not greasy

Boiled Fish recipe

5. Heat the oil, saute the ginger and garlic until fragrant, add dried chili, pepper, scallion, and hot pot base materials in turn, and fry until fragrant. Pour some water to boil.

Boiled Fish recipe

6. Put the white mushrooms in and cook for 3 minutes, put the fish and cook for about 5 minutes, put onions, wait until the fish is slightly grinded and serve. Sprinkle scallions on the surface of the dish, set up a pan, heat the oil and pour in.

Boiled Fish recipe


Whether to put dried chili and Chinese pepper is determined by your own taste. The hot pot bottom material also has a spicy taste, and the side dishes can also be matched freely, such as lotus root slices, potato chips, etc.


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