Boiled Lard

Boiled Lard

by Azalea Gourmet

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Health scientist Dr. Nishiki said: "Lard is the healthiest oil."
Modern people eat vegetable oil popularly, and lard is regarded as the culprit of the "three highs". Professor Nishiki completely subverted this concept. Contrary to popular beliefs, scientists have recently discovered that fatty meat, fish oil, egg yolk, lard, mutton or butter, etc., these natural fats are actually good fats that our ancestors have eaten for millions of years. Our ancestors ate 4 times our fat and cholesterol every day (all eaten raw), but they did not have symptoms such as obesity and the "three highs". This is a good proof.
Therefore, Professor Nishiki broke out an upset: "Lard is the healthiest!" Because lard has the most saturated fat and produces less free radicals. People have always thought that eating lard will gain weight. In fact, lard does not cause obesity. As long as it is not used for deep-fried food, it is healthy to use lard to stir-fry vegetables and to cook soup with lard. Animal oils such as tallow and mutton are also safer.
In fact, we shouldn’t look less at lard, lard also has a good therapeutic effect, lard is sweet, cool in nature, non-toxic; it has the effects of tonic, moisturizing, and detoxification; it can treat dry organs, unfavorable stool, dry cough, and skin Chapped and other diseases; it can be taken orally, boiled ointment or pill. Externally used as ointment to coat the affected area.


Boiled Lard

1. 2 kg of suet. Suet oil is the oil in the belly of pigs. The best way to boil lard is to use suet oil. Suet oil produces a large amount of oil and the oil tastes more mellow.

Boiled Lard recipe

2. Wash the suet with warm water and cut into small pieces

Boiled Lard recipe

3. Prepare a small bowl of water. Add a little water to boil the lard to make the lard more fragrant and creamy in color.

Boiled Lard recipe

4. Put the suet oil in the pot, add a small bowl of water, boil on a low heat, stirring occasionally. The lard in the pot will be milky white at first, and the lard will have a clear egg white color after the water is drained.

Boiled Lard recipe

5. It's almost done when all the oil residue floats and turns brown. Add 10 peppercorns and fry it slowly for 2-3 minutes. Adding pepper grains can remove a part of the fishy smell of animal fat, or not add

Boiled Lard recipe

6. Then remove the oil residue. Don't throw away the oil residue. It can be used for stuffing, steamed buns or dumplings are very delicious.

Boiled Lard recipe

7. When the oil is kept warm, it leaks and filters it

Boiled Lard recipe

8. Put the filtered oil in a clean, water-free sealed tank and save it

Boiled Lard recipe


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