Fresh Meat Moon Cakes

Fresh Meat Moon Cakes

by Thank you hee hee ma

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After having the oven, I will try to make all kinds of food. It's almost Mid-Autumn Festival, so let's make moon cakes for everyone to try.


Fresh Meat Moon Cakes

1. Buy fat pork and boil it into oil. When the fat is boiled to golden brown, it will turn into greasy residue. Take it out and deep-fry it and it can be eaten with small wontons, boiled for noodles, or thrown away.

Fresh Meat Moon Cakes recipe

2. Minced green onion and ginger, put in a bowl to soak green onion and ginger juice, chop meat and mustard, light soy sauce, salt, monosodium glutamate, green onion and ginger juice, pour in and stir evenly with the meat

Fresh Meat Moon Cakes recipe

3. Water and oily skin production: 150 grams of flour, 60 grams of lard, 25 grams of caster sugar, 42 grams of water, stir together to form a dough; Pastry production: 100 grams of flour, 50 grams of lard, stir and mix together, and then wrap with plastic wrap to wake up 15- 20 minutes; the picture on the left has three shortbread pictures, the picture on the right has a yellowish three-water oil

Fresh Meat Moon Cakes recipe

4. After waking up, round the oily crust and shortbread with 10 parts. I didn’t round the watery oily crust. I was lazy, so I wrapped the shortcrusted crust with water and oily crust.

Fresh Meat Moon Cakes recipe

5. Place the package on the chopping board, flatten it with the palm of your hand, roll it into a dough, roll it up from the inside out with the skin facing up, and wrap it in plastic wrap to wake up for 10 minutes

Fresh Meat Moon Cakes recipe

6. Wake up and roll the skin again, roll it from the outside to the inside with the skin facing down, and wake up for 10 minutes. When it is done, take the meat filling and place it in the middle of the dough, wrap it, and place the wrapped dough on the oven with the mouth facing down, with the palm of your hand lightly Press lightly, don’t use too much force. When wrapping, be careful not to stick with minced meat on the cuff, otherwise it will be more difficult to stick together, and the meat will burst when you bake.

Fresh Meat Moon Cakes recipe

7. Wrap it and place it on a baking tray. Coat the surface with egg liquid and sprinkle with sesame seeds. The oven is 200 degrees Celsius, the middle layer, about 30 minutes. Please adjust the temperature and time according to your own oven.

Fresh Meat Moon Cakes recipe

8. Finished picture

Fresh Meat Moon Cakes recipe


Making noodles is a personal effort. Try to make the noodles as much as possible, so that the dough will be crispy. I sweat it out. It’s not an exaggeration, because I don’t know how to make the noodles. There is also rolling the noodles, but for the sake of The finished product tastes good, so you can take it hard and just use it for exercise.


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