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A fish soup dish popular in the Provence region, originally derived from the practice of the Marseille fishermen who stewed their catch of the day in a pot. The fish species used are Mediterranean specialty fish and crustaceans, but the specific species are controversial. To make Bouillabaisse, you must use saffron to color, season, and eat together with Provence garlic sauce (rouille). Although this recipe has a lot of steps and a large portion (for 8 people), the taste and texture are closest to the fish soup I had in Marseille, so it is worth a try.



1. Take 4 saffron and soak in warm water. Trim the fish and place it under the tap and continue to rinse until the water is completely clear. After cleaning, cut the fish into large pieces.

Bouillabaisse recipe

2. Cut the onion, carrot, green onion, tomato, celery, and fennel into small pieces.

Bouillabaisse recipe

3. Stir-fry the vegetable cubes with olive oil or butter for 2 minutes to make them look moist and shiny.

Bouillabaisse recipe

4. Add fish cubes, pour in water (1L) and dry white wine.

Bouillabaisse recipe

5. Add the spice bag, garlic (4 cloves), tomato sauce, and saffron (4 roots, pour in with water). After boiling, continue to boil on high heat for 30-40 minutes, and dilute with water if necessary.

Bouillabaisse recipe

6. After cooking, take out the spice bag, crush it with a hand blender or a cook machine, and filter the soup. Season the filtered fish soup with salt and pepper and keep warm for later use.

Bouillabaisse recipe

7. Wash the potatoes and cook them with their skins. After a little cooling, peel them and press them into mashed potatoes.

Bouillabaisse recipe

8. Press the garlic into garlic paste and stir in the mashed potatoes. Add the egg yolk, and slowly stir in the blended oil of olive oil and sunflower oil while stirring. Finally add saffron and season with salt and pepper.

Bouillabaisse recipe

9. Preheat the oven to 200°C, slice the bread and drizzle or spray with olive oil.

Bouillabaisse recipe

10. The bread is baked until charred and crispy.

Bouillabaisse recipe

11. Rub the toast with garlic, add grated cheese and Provencal garlic sauce, and serve with fish soup.

Bouillabaisse recipe


1. There are no regulations on the types of marine fish, and seafood such as shrimps, crabs and shellfish can be added. If conditions permit, some fish bones can also be added to the fish meat to make the soup more delicious and mellow.
2. Break and filter all the fish, fish bones, and vegetables to make the fish soup present a thick and fragrant texture. However, the less fish, the thinner the fish soup will be, and if you add more fish, the taste of the fish soup will be better.
3. The portion of the Provence Garlic Sauce made at one time is a bit large. It is delicious when used with Bouillabaisse or simply dipped in toast. Cover the unused ones and keep them in the refrigerator.
4. Traditionally, Bouillabaisse can be used as a starter or a main course. In Marseilles, there are usually two foods with one soup. First, they appear in the form of a previous dish, with bread, sauce and shredded cheese; then as a main course, a few pieces of fish or shrimp and crab are blanched in fish soup and eaten together, as shown on the cover.


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