Braised Eel

Braised Eel

by Zheng Mama

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I saw some fresh eels at the market. I bought two of them. After I went home and packed them, they were braised in brown sauce. The taste was very delicious.


Braised Eel

1. Remove the internal organs of the eel and wash it.

Braised Eel recipe

2. Cut into sections.

Braised Eel recipe

3. Cut the green onion, ginger, and garlic for later use.

Braised Eel recipe

4. Heat oil in a pot, add green onions, ginger, and garlic and saute until fragrant.

Braised Eel recipe

5. Add the eel segments and stir fry.

Braised Eel recipe

6. Add the right amount of beer just over the eel, do not add water.

Braised Eel recipe

7. Add the very fresh soy sauce.

Braised Eel recipe

8. Add the braised sauce.

Braised Eel recipe

9. Add appropriate amount of salt and simmer until the soup thickens.

Braised Eel recipe


When cooking fish, beer is directly used instead of water, and it tastes delicious.


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