Spicy Hairy Blood

Spicy Hairy Blood

by Uncle who loves life

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Spicy and enjoyable, uncle's favorite!


Spicy Hairy Blood

1. Duck blood, yellow throat, ham, slices, eel, fatty intestines, cut into sections, louvers and hairy belly cut into long strips, green onions into sections, garlic and ginger slices.

Spicy Hairy Blood recipe

2. Boil water in a pot, blanch the soybean sprouts, remove them, and put them in the bottom of the pot. Duck blood, yellow throat, eel, fat intestines, stir-fry in boiling water, fish out and set aside.

Spicy Hairy Blood recipe

3. Pour the oil in the pot to heat, add the pepper, dried chili, green onion and ginger until fragrant, add the bean paste and fry the red oil, add appropriate amount of broth, salt, and bring to a boil.

Spicy Hairy Blood recipe

4. 3. Add duck blood, eel, fatty intestines, and yellow throat to boil for 5 minutes, remove with a colander and place on the bean sprouts. Finally, boil the louver, hairy belly, and ham and cook for 30 seconds to remove.

Spicy Hairy Blood recipe

5. Put the garlic slices on top, and pour more oil on the pan.

Spicy Hairy Blood recipe

6. When the oil is hot, put a small handful of Chinese pepper, sesame pepper, and dried chili to fry them until fragrant and pour on top.

Spicy Hairy Blood recipe


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