Braised Lamb Tripe

Braised Lamb Tripe

by Fung Kee Food

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Marinated dishes can be used as hot dishes or cold dishes. The lamb tripe is crisp and crisp, and it can be served with wine. •"


Braised Lamb Tripe

1. Clean up the lamb belly.

Braised Lamb Tripe recipe

2. Heat the pot and add water, add pepper, fennel, green onion, ginger, and turn the heat to a boil.

Braised Lamb Tripe recipe

3. Soak the lamb tripe in the pot.

Braised Lamb Tripe recipe

4. Bring the brine to a boil, add the sugar color, adjust the flavor, cook until cooked and waxy, remove and cut into pieces and put on a plate.

Braised Lamb Tripe recipe


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