Fried Lamb Tripe

Fried Lamb Tripe

by Xiaoqi Feifei

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Lamb tripe is a very good ingredient, rich in nutrients and elements, and it is a relatively warm and nourishing ingredient, especially for women, it is good for the body to eat regularly.


Fried Lamb Tripe

1. Cooked lamb tripe, coriander\n

Fried Lamb Tripe recipe

2. Wash the coriander and cut the lamb belly into strips

Fried Lamb Tripe recipe

3. Add appropriate amount of peanut oil to the wok, add chopped green onion, and add lamb tripe after sautéing

Fried Lamb Tripe recipe

4. \nAdd the right amount of soy sauce and use high heat all the way

Fried Lamb Tripe recipe

5. \nPut in pepper and continue to stir fry

Fried Lamb Tripe recipe

6. Add coriander

Fried Lamb Tripe recipe

7. \nStir fry over high heat and it will be out of the pot

Fried Lamb Tripe recipe


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