Braised Mixed Fish

Braised Mixed Fish

by Elegant fox

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A neighbor in the community likes to fish. I like to eat this kind of small river fish. He said that he was afraid of washing it, so he gave it to me. Hey, most of them are small river fish, there is also a small crucian carp and a white-mouthed fish. The pan is fried and cooked with chili, it's really delicious~"


Braised Mixed Fish

1. The little fish cleans up the intestines

Braised Mixed Fish recipe

2. Use kitchen paper to absorb moisture

Braised Mixed Fish recipe

3. Put more oil in the pan and start frying the fish

Braised Mixed Fish recipe

4. Don’t rush to turn it over, turn it over when it gets burnt.

Braised Mixed Fish recipe

5. Fried yellow on both sides

Braised Mixed Fish recipe

6. Leave some oil in the pot, add hot sauce, green onion, ginger, garlic and fry until fragrant, add small fish, and season with salt.

Braised Mixed Fish recipe


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