Paste Pancakes and Boil Small Fish

Paste Pancakes and Boil Small Fish

by meggy dancing apple

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After a Mid-Autumn Festival, I feel that I have eaten more big fish and meat, so I want to eat some whole grains. Although the whole grains are usually eaten in different ways, such as multi-grain buns, multi-grain noodles, and multi-grain porridge, they only serve as supporting roles. What is delicious to eat? Suddenly I remembered the feeling of sticking the cake and the rough texture of the wotou slipping through the esophagus. Haha, it seemed to be able to scrape off the oil and water in my stomach.
Cornmeal pastry pancakes, dipped in fish soup to eat Beierxiang, northerners best this bite, can eat fish bones. Although the small fish doesn't have the fragrance of meat, but the small fire is simmering in a big pot, even the bones are crisp, the meat also absorbs the flavor of the soup and the seasoning, it is more and more fragrant! Tiebing is the staple food of the northerners before, if it has also become a "southern guest." When I was young, I lived in a bungalow. There was a big firewood pot in the corner of the courtyard. The pancakes were burnt and crispy at the bottom. A little yellow sauce can be used as a snack.
Today, I will use my single-handle cast iron pot that can be passed down to generations to make the cake and boil the small fish. It's boiled, but it's stewed. It's just such a conventional name. With a sense of anxiety, Tie Pan Xiao Yu came out of the pan. Unexpectedly, the throats of the two men were also opened, completely ignoring the rough taste of Tie Pan, breaking the Tie Pan and soaking it in the fish soup. It was delicious. what! This potsticker pancake stewed fish that my mother taught is really authentic! The fish bones can be chewed and eaten without leaving a drop of soup! "


Paste Pancakes and Boil Small Fish

1. The small trash fish is ready, the left box is freshwater trash fish, and the right pot is the whole small yellow croaker;

Paste Pancakes and Boil Small Fish recipe

2. Scrape the scales of the small yellow croaker to remove the internal organs and gills, wash it, and drain the water;

Paste Pancakes and Boil Small Fish recipe

3. Pour the coarser cornmeal into a large bowl; don’t use the cornmeal for pasting too fine, it will taste sticky, and the fine product will have a bitter taste, and don’t have too big grains, which are easy to loose and not easy to cook. Choose a small but slightly rough cornmeal. The cornmeal is sticky and chewy;

Paste Pancakes and Boil Small Fish recipe

4. Scoop 2 grams of baking soda and mix it evenly with cornmeal. With baking soda, the texture of the cake will be softer;

Paste Pancakes and Boil Small Fish recipe

5. Wet the cornmeal with hot water of about 80 degrees, and use a spoon to mix it into a dough; the water consumption of cornmeal is not as good as wheat flour, so the amount of water can be increased gradually, just use your hands to hold it into a dough;

Paste Pancakes and Boil Small Fish recipe

6. Prepare the seasoning for the stewed fish: cut the garlic head in half, cut the green onion into sections, cut the dried red pepper into sections, star anise, salt, cooking wine, soy sauce, and oyster sauce;

Paste Pancakes and Boil Small Fish recipe

7. My cast iron pot, which will be passed down to generations, sits on the fire, heats up the fire, pours the oil, the amount of oil is more than usual for cooking, when the oil temperature is 60% hot, pour all the drained fish into the pot. Don't turn it over yet, use oil to fry the fish at the bottom to shape, lift the pot and shake the fish body non-stick pan; this pan is cast iron, no coating, relying on the oily and delicate inner wall of the pan;

Paste Pancakes and Boil Small Fish recipe

8. Pour the cooking wine along the side of the pot, the amount of cooking wine can be more, in order to remove the fishy smell;

Paste Pancakes and Boil Small Fish recipe

9. Pour in soy sauce, oyster sauce, salt in turn, sprinkle in shallots, garlic, dried red pepper, star anise, and then pour in an appropriate amount of hot water. The water should be covered with small fish and turn to medium-low heat;

Paste Pancakes and Boil Small Fish recipe

10. Put the cornmeal in the palm of your hand and knead it to the size of a ping-pong ball, and then press it with both hands to form a small cake;

Paste Pancakes and Boil Small Fish recipe

11. Whenever you make a small pancake, stick it on the side of the pot. Don’t worry if you put the fish soup in the lower half. As long as you don’t touch it now, it won’t break; Stew and simmer for 20 minutes; if the soup is too little, add a sufficient amount;

Paste Pancakes and Boil Small Fish recipe

12. The soup has been consumed a lot less, and the size of the pie is larger than before, and all of them are full. Turn off the heat and serve directly to the pot or serve on a plate.

Paste Pancakes and Boil Small Fish recipe

13. Cornmeal stick pancakes, dipped in fish soup to eat Belly!

Paste Pancakes and Boil Small Fish recipe


1. Although small fish are small, their internal organs and gills must also be removed. Although they are not eaten, if they are stewed with the fish, undesirable substances will penetrate into the meat and soup, and the fish will have a bitter taste;
2. You must reserve some of the fish soup when it comes out of the pot. You can use the paste pancakes to dip in the soup, or half of the paste pancakes can be broken and soaked in the fish soup.


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